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The image of the dusk lily came to prominence at the time of the Nightfallen rebellion in Suramar City, where it was symbolically associated with the rebellion's leader, First Arcanist Thalyssra, and grew to represent the entire movement. Following the victory of the Nightfallen in the civil war against Grand Magistrix Elisande, and the subsequent creation of a new government in Suramar, the dusk lily became the insignia of the nightborne race.

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Early in the civil war, symbols of, and references to, the dusk lily were used by Thalyssra and the rebels to make themselves known to allies and sympathizers.[5][6] As the conflict progressed, images of dusk lilies were utilized to send a message to the Grand Magistrix and her allies, with a lily being left on killed combatants[2][7] and in prominent instances of rebel activity, such as after the rescue of Vanthir from the Terrace of Order.[8]

While dusk lilies are frequently mentioned in-game and seen illustrated, no growing example has been confirmed as such within the game itself. Suramar City does, however, host numerous flowers and other flora that share many of the dusk lily's traits. 041b061a72


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