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A Decisive Look At Data Storage And Security

The DOD relies on Oracle to secure access to critical personnel and logistics data. Oracle Identity and Access Management solutions provide next-generation security and identity management that is cloud native and designed to be an integral part of federal enterprise security solutions, providing access control and security for applications.

A Decisive Look at Data Storage and Security

Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure accelerates deployment of cloud workloads outside the data center. Ruggedized Oracle Roving Edge Devices (Oracle REDs) deliver cloud computing and storage services at the edge of networks and in disconnected locations, allowing faster processing close to the data source and enabling faster insights into the data.

Case studies, client research and legal documentation ensure that attorneys work with huge volumes of data. In addition, they also have to meet certain stringent regulations and protect the privacy of client data. In the past few years, the legal industry has made a decisive move from paper to digital storage, as a sudden data loss may affect business continuity. To this relevance, attorneys must look for an online backup solution that is secure and enables a quick restore.

IBackup offers an efficient and secure online backup and storage solution for attorneys. You can schedule backups at your convenience. All data is transferred and stored in world-class data centers using 256-bit AES encryption with a user-defined key that is not stored anywhere on the servers.

"As a Google Cloud Breakthrough partner of the year in 2021, HCL Tech is excited to extend our collaboration with Google Cloud and accelerate digital transformations for customers throughout the globe. Having just announced our investment to double our Google Cloud experts to more than 18,000, we look forward to bringing our expertise to these five new markets. With deep product and solution specialization and a cloud-first approach for data, analytics, and AI projects worldwide, we can usher in the next phase of transformation for our global customers." - Sanjay Singh, EVP, Google Ecosystem Unit, HCL Tech

The war in Ukraine is a decisive moment for renewables in Europe where governments and businesses are looking to rapidly replace Russian gas with alternatives. The amount of renewable power capacity added in Europe in the 2022-27 period is forecast to be twice as high as in the previous five-year period, driven by a combination of energy security concerns and climate ambitions. An even faster deployment of wind and solar PV could be achieved if EU member states were to rapidly implement a number of policies, including streamlining and reducing permitting timelines, improving auction designs and providing better visibility on auction schedules, as well as improving incentive schemes to support rooftop solar.

Breaking down the cloud market: SaaS, PaaS and IaaS The modern cloud computing market can be segmented into several different subcategories based on the type of services being delivered. The most straightforward example is software-as-a-service (SaaS) products, which allow users to access web applications through an internet connection without having to download anything onto their workstations or personal computers. Platform as a service (PaaS) offers advanced software development tools and application management features that smaller businesses could not otherwise afford. While infrastructure-as-a-service provides scalable data storage and virtualization capabilities that help reduce the burden placed on internal systems. Together, these three service areas account for the vast majority of enterprise cloud investments.

On-premises vs. cloud storage The debate over cloud-based data storage vs. physical, on-premises hardware is only heating up as new innovations hit the enterprise IT market. While IaaS solutions are often considered more cost effective and easier to manage, according to research from SpiceWorks, they often lack the decisive control organizations need to protect sensitive information. When a business entrusts its data to a third-party provider, there is no guarantee that best practices in cyber security are being consistently applied. This lack of oversight can not only leave enterprise customers vulnerable to identity theft and exploitation, it can also lead to major business disruptions. As noted by Cloud Security Alliance, cloud-based storage services commonly face the following threats:

Before integrating any IaaS product, companies must first conduct a thorough audit of their business and customer data to understand what information is being collected and how it's being stored. While an organization that does not gather consumer data may be less concerned about unauthorized access, most businesses have something to protect - proprietary information, market research, patents and more. In cases where robust encryption and authentication are needed, it's recommended that IT administrators retain control over their storage hardware and software.

The choice between cloud-based and on-premise data storage boils down to organizations' individual needs and IT budgets. Companies looking to maximize their control over critical assets and data would be best served by a private cloud, while those looking to reduce their overhead may prefer a public or hybrid solution.

The main goal of any data storage model on the cloud is accessing data in an easy way without risking its security. A security consideration is a major aspect in any cloud data storage model to provide safety and efficiency. In this paper, we propose a secure data protection model over the cloud. The proposed model presents a solution to some security issues of cloud such as data protection from any violations and protection from a fake authorized identity user, which adversely affects the security of the cloud. This paper includes multiple issues and challenges with cloud computing that impairs security and privacy of data. It presents the threats and attacks that affect data residing in the cloud. Our proposed model provides the benefits and effectiveness of security in cloud computing such as enhancement of the encryption of data in the cloud. It provides security and scalability of data sharing for users on the cloud computing. Our model achieves the security functions over cloud computing such as identification and authentication, authorization, and encryption. Also, this model protects the system from any fake data owner who enters malicious information that may destroy the main goal of cloud services. We develop the one-time password (OTP) as a logging technique and uploading technique to protect users and data owners from any fake unauthorized access to the cloud. We implement our model using a simulation of the model called Next Generation Secure Cloud Server (NG-Cloud). These results increase the security protection techniques for end user and data owner from fake user and fake data owner in the cloud.

Cloud computing has changed the way of delivering computing services [1]. In outsourcing computation models, an increasing number of susceptible devices (customers) rely upon faraway servers (nodes) for information storage and computations [2]. Increasing number of cloud data centers all over the world is consuming a vast amount of power [3]. Cloud computing is evolving as a brand new fashion of complete disbursed computing. It has moved the computation away from domestic PCs and small companies to large-scale information facilities and made it fantastic for clients and IT companies with the aid of using blocking big quantity of capital investments. A great deal of cloud computing research has been concerned over some issues and challenges that based on behind the rule of cloud computing [4]. The cloud computing (CC) is a provider that is added through information centers, which are primarily based totally on virtualization technologies. Cloud computing facilitates collaboration, communication, and essential online services during the COVID-19 crisis [5].

Moving applications to the cloud and gaining access to the blessings is a way of first comparing unique records safety problems and cloud security problems. When businesses circulate programs from on-premise to cloud-based ones, demanding situations rise up from records residency, enterprise compliance requirements, and privacy and third-party celebration duties regarding the remedy of sensitive information. Corporate regulations or the policies of the governing jurisdictions affect the manner sensitive information is controlled, consisting of where it is far located, what kinds of data may be gathered and saved, and who has the right of entry to it. These problems can decide the diploma to which companies can recognize the price of cloud computing.

A new superior framework of security for client identity, which incorporates aspect authentication, AES primarily based totally document encryption and decryption of information uploaded over cloud computing, admin verification and locking of users, fetching IP info of clients, and disbursed database garage, i.e., statistics, is saved in ranges; this means that consumer login info is saved in a single database, and encryption/decryption of info such as file uploaded and key is saved on numerous databases. One aspect authentication is at risk of password guessing due to the fact that humans do not regularly extrade their password. Therefore, security of the cloud computing is critical in the modern-day world. Overall, paintings offer improving security for cloud computing, as well as protection and security for complete cloud-based computing structure [18].

Our contributions are as follows:(1)The technique of our proposed scheme proves the identity of the users authorized without the need to reveal their passwords. We also developed OTP logging and registration techniques to overcome fake identity issue. We increase the encryption data of users and data owners by merging secret key and private key when the user accesses the data in the cloud.(2)We find new solution for threats and attacks over cloud computing to provide the security and safety of the cloud and its users. We discuss a number of possible security measures, which should be considered in any cloud-based model. Also, we cover some security functions, which should be in a model as a guarantee for safety checks of a system and its users and the protection of private and sensitive data for all users of the cloud.(3)Our model can solve many attacks such as replay attack, insider attacks, and MITM. Moreover, the work enjoys many features as follows: (1) it supports mutual authentication between authentication cloud server and a user; (2) it offers user anonymity; (3) in our scheme, the password is saved in the service provider. Thus, the confirmation cost of the security-sensitive table is decreased.(4)The proposed model overcomes the balancing between security and usability according to client demand.(5)We implement the proposed model by NG-Cloud simulation to overcome the security risks defined by the security functions over cloud computing such as authentication, authorization, and privacy. 041b061a72


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