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Sword Art Online: Alicization Episode 12 ((FULL))

But before that, we get the first significant action scene since the fight against the nobles in episode 10, and it's a different flavor from the ones we've seen so far. Kirito has always exclusively been a sword-user, but this time both he and Eugeo are fighting with the chains that once constrained them. This gives the battle a slightly different dynamic, especially with Eldrie using his sword in a more whip-like fashion. But more interesting than the action is the fallout and the truth of Eldrie's identity. This revelation suggests that Alice might not be a special case; all of the Integrity Knights might be regular people who were memory-wiped and manipulated into believing that they are divinely-summoned agents, and Kirito and Eugeo's appeals to Eldrie suggest a way to draw out these captives' real memories. Eldire's use of Recollection for his weapon is also significant, as it hearkens back to what Kirito's dorm master had mentioned before. This will be much more important in future episodes.

Sword Art Online: Alicization Episode 12

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