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Buy Bust Movie Showing

"The only way out - is to fight." Well Go USA has debuted an awesome new full-length official trailer for an action thriller from the Philippines titled BuyBust, the latest film made by veteran Filipino filmmaker Erik Matti. The teaser trailer was promising, and this trailer has some impressive action as well. Might actually be worth a watch. The plot of BuyBust involves the anti-drug enforcement agency staging a massive drug bust in the slums of Manila in the Philippines. But when things go wrong, they get stuck in the middle of a brutal drug gang and hordes of bloodthirsty citizens, so their only option is to fight their way out. Hell yes. Anne Curtis (from In Your Eyes, The Gifted) stars, with Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying, Victor Neri, Joross Gamboa, Nafa Hilario-Cruz, Brandon Vera, and Nonie Buencamino. The action in this looks totally badass! These fights plus Anne Curtis kicking ass - this film is on my must see list for sure.

buy bust movie showing


Watch it! Watch it! Watch it! I must also warn you that this is a violent movie. A high-energy violent action movie that is. No Robin Padilla movie can compare to it. In my opinion, this has set the bar high for future action-thriller films and has put to shame the old ones.

The movie of course mirrors the current war against drugs in the Philippines. The movie suggests that the poor and vulnerable are always the subject of injustice and evil motives of all sides of the war.

I finally heard back from them saying they liked what I made and that we should meet. At my meeting with Stacey, the supervising producer of the film, she mentioned that this was a rare instance where a Pinoy movie had a full marketing rollout in terms of posters. It had a teaser, an official Philippine one-sheet, an international poster, and character posters. I was hired to do 2 of these pieces!

THE TEASER POSTER It was decided at the shoot that we were going to do a teaser poster release that Friday (shoot was on a Tuesday) using a close-up of Anne beaten up and bloody. We had a bunch of good options from this layout but since it was the first official image to come out from the film, there was a lot of back-and-forth about finding the right image. This was a really interesting process since very subtle and slight changes to the image could change the vibe and message of the poster. There was an option that looked too arthouse (an accidental Himala poster homage too!), options that looked too much like a horror movie, options that were SLIGHTLY too bloody.

THE OTHER POSTER A week later I get a call about making another omnibus poster. They liked what I came up with so they decided that I should have a go at a more mainstream, commercial action blockbuster poster. After the last one, this was a breeze lol. Most of the assets were already dropped out so it really was more on figuring out the composition and color palette for this. I initially made a version that was brighter and cleaner but I chose the wrong main image of Anne (too passive!). We eventually got the right Anne image and color treatment.

THE CHARACTER POSTERS After this I was asked to do individual character posters for an online release. I loved the idea of a local movie getting the character poster treatment. The struggle with these was how to mix elements of both omnibus posters (the color of the first one and the paint swashes of the second one) but it turned out fine. Looks good when you see them all together!

Overall, I find that the movie did not lack anything. It had a good story, a good script, and execution wise, it really delivered action like it promised. However, I felt that there were glaring issues that kept me from getting fully invested in the film.

That said, for a movie that gives over most of its runtime to fight sequences, I thought the action was a major letdown. Most of the performers do a poor job of selling any sense of impact when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, and the sound design was frankly terrible. Full-on punches more often sounded like slaps, and even the gunfire sounded like we were just hearing the blanks of a prop gun being fired. I wish more time and effort had been devoted to the audio, and to instructing the actors on how to sell their hits.

BuyBust is a 2018 Philippine action thriller that has been getting rave reviews in North America and we now have a fresh look at Erik Matti's intense trailer for the movie, which debuted at Comic-Con today. In addition to directing the film, Matti also co-wrote the screenplay with Anton Santamaria. Pre-production started back in 2016, which is also when the cast was announced. Anne Curtis and MMA fighter Brandon Vera star in BuyBust, which Matti calls his first "full-on action film," and declared that it's the most ambitious project that he's ever been a part of.

In the Philippines, BuyBust received high marks across the board with the Cinema Evaluation Board giving it an "A" grade. North America has also been singing the praises of Erik Matti's first foray into the world of action thrillers. Major publications have been scoring the movie high and praising the "superbly executed" action scenes that Anne Curtis trained so hard for. The Hollywood Reporter says that BuyBust is essential viewing in the Philippines, where it is "bound to raise a ruckus when it opens" and "likely to captivate audiences." Now, that the San Diego Comic-Con trailer has been released, North America is getting ready to check out the film as well.

BuyBust has some serious hype around it right now, which seems warranted after checking out the reviews and seeing reactions to the trailer online. BuyBust opens in theaters all over North America on August 10th, which is now only a few weeks away after opening in the Philippines on August 1st. The movie is continuing to receive rave reviews after screenings, so it's hopeful that the film will be able to make some decent money at the box office upon its premiere later next month. You can check out the awesome trailer for yourself below, provided by Eddie Mou's YouTube channel.

natatakot ako sa framing nito......dun sa napuntahan kong screening, naghihiyawan sa tuwa ang audience pag pinapatay ng PDEA agents yung mga residente. ang daming pwedeng mangyari na mali pag ginagawang action movie ang pasismo ng estado tapos ganun lang yung conclusion

The movie is set in modern day Philippines and focuses on a particular drug lord ruling the slums of Manila, with a team of narcotics agent tasked to set-up a buy bust operation to take down this drug ring.

From the opening scenes the movie already creates this somewhat suffocating, intense story with the close-up shots on the characters as well as the use of the shaky cam. The opening scene also establishes the lengths that the narcotic team is willing to go just to get the head honcho, with the low-level drug dealer (Teban) being beat up and possibly tortured in the process. This further reinforced with the use of psychological/mental torture employed by Agent Dela Cruz.

The mood and setting was really top notch in this movie. The way the whole movie was shot is worthy of praise. From the suffocatingly close-up shots, to the shaky cam, to the beautiful establishing shots, and the dimly lighted set pieces, there really is little to complain about. Although the one thing that was frustrating about the camera work was the handling of a few fight scenes, while it does show that gritty, Bourne-esque flair, the choreography would have been served better had the action sequences been shot clearer.

The acting is also worthy of mention. Victor Neri brings gravita to his role as a new team leader who appears in over his head. His inner struggle of leading his team and his actions just shows his lack of experience leading a team. The bittersweet way the Lacsons died was also one of those iconic moments that tugs on your heart. Curtis also owned her role as Manigan, her inner turmoil and demons were apparent. She delivered a performance that makes the audience root for her. However, Brandon Vera clearly stole the show. The MMA fighter displayed his acting chops and in every scene he was in, he delivered. The fact that Vera was raised in USA and had little to no experience in speaking Tagalog prior to the movie was convincing in his role with how fluent he speaks Tagalog, add that to the fact that he has to act, its just amazing. AJ Atayde, Joross Gamboa, and Levi Ignacio were also astounding as the villains in the movie. The trio avoided the common trope of campy villains, bit instead delivered unhinged villains that somehow still made sense. Just really no issues when it comes to casting choices.

On the surface, there really were no glaring plot holes. Honestly, I subsribe to the saying that a movie is good if the audience does not notice plot holes while watching the movie. While watching the movie, there honestly were no plot holes, however once I thought about it after watching, there were a few plot holes.

In an all too familiar scene, Buybust tackled the mandate of the police in fighting crime, particularly resolving the drug problems that plague the Philippines. It showed how the police are dedicated to bring justice and accomplish their mandate and mission. It shows the camaraderie and anxiety that comes with the territory. The movie does a good job at depicting how cops should really act in times of battling crime, but it also does a great job at showing how crooked cops really play the system. The fact that corrupt cops abound in the movie is a testament also to the current state of Philippine politics, where people have agendas, and bigger people have bigger agendas.

The fact that there were three rookie PDEA cops assigned to the buybust would have been a glaring plot hole, had it not for the fact that that group had been setup. It made sense that should there have been a double-cross, the best people to be caught in the crossfire would be a team with the least experience from the team leader down to the lowest level. That in itself shows just how ruthless the corrupt officials were in setting up the police. 041b061a72


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