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News 12 Bronx Stabbing

\"There was no contact in that train car between the victim and assailant,\" Chief of Department Kenneth Corey said following the fatal stabbing in the Bronx. \"Looking at the video, it looks as though the attacker goes after that individual specifically. We don't know what the motive is.\"

news 12 bronx stabbing

Police said they responded to the stabbing at 12:21 p.m. Wednesday, a few minutes after a dispute involving several teenagers broke out. The Dunkin' Donuts is within walking distance of the school and is a frequent stop for students.

Ethan Reyes, an up and coming Yonkers-based drill rapper who went by the name Notti Osama, was the victim of a brutal stabbing at the hands of another teen in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan.

Fifteen-year-old Leandro Ventura was apprehended when he was trying to flee with Cruz. He was charged as an adult, and apparently he and Cruz are accusing each other of stabbing Parks. His family says that Ventura was coming home from the park and was only trying to help the stabbed men, but he has a number of arrests since February. 041b061a72


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