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Where To Buy Canada Goose Jackets In Winnipeg

A February 2019 article in Newsweek addressed the issue of the use of coyote fur on the hoods of some Canada Goose jackets as well as the goose down in the lining of all their jackets. The author indicated that Canada Goose stated that it obtains the fur from sources that trap it ethically, in accordance with Canada's Agreement of International Humane Trapping Standards (AIHTS) or by similar regulations in the U.S., a policy called Best Management Practices (BMP). The author detailed how when a claim was taken to the Competition Bureau of Canada that the term "humane" was being used misleadingly, the Bureau dismissed the claim in a single-page letter without justification, and have since fought the public-records disclosure requests of the claim filant, Animal Justice. After a long discussion of the various trapping practices, noting that two of the traps are banned in dozens of countries and the AIHTS was implemented largely to negotiate continued export to Europe while keeping those traps in use, the author of the piece provided this conclusion:[80]

where to buy canada goose jackets in winnipeg



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