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3840x2160 Spring Picture Wallpaper. Spring Flow...

Listed below are our picks for the prettiest springs in Florida. We recommend visiting any and all that you can so you can beat that Florida heat, reconnect with yourself and nature, and soak up all these hidden gems have to offer.

3840x2160 spring picture wallpaper. Spring flow...

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Visitors walk down a wooden staircase into a cavern that appears to open up into another ethereal world. Divers can descend up to 54 feet in the springs (120 feet in diameter) to look through the clear, aqua water which is always 72 degrees, making it one of the best springs in Florida.

You could visit Kings Spring, which is 75 feet across and at its deepest point, 30 feet, where an underwater cave awaits adventurous divers. Or you could go to Three Sisters Spring, where you can swim with manatees that congregate in the winter months in the cool water. Crystal River is one of the most popular springs near Tampa!

Along the Santa Fe River lies a true slice of pure Florida. Ginnie Springs boasts some of the clearest waters of all the natural springs in Florida. Made up of a group of seven springs, white sand, and caves, Ginnie Springs a must for any serious cave divers or snorkelers.

Visitors can enjoy tubing, kayaking, canoeing, and swimming in addition to campgrounds with picnic tables, grills, and volleyball courts! If you want to stay longer, there is a rental cottage available to make the most of your time in one of the best springs in Florida.

If you want a relaxing day, you can canoe, kayak, or go tubing in the upper region of the area of the state park, where the pristine waters will gently carry you down the Ichetucknee River. Scuba divers and snorkelers can find a bit more adventure through the waterways in this lovely spring in Florida!

If you drive about 25 miles south of Lake City, you can swim in the clear waters along with a wide variety of native fish, turtles, and invertebrates that call this set of natural springs in Florida home.

Patrons can participate in snorkeling, swimming, and paddling at the main springhead and on the spring run. Gilchrist Blue Springs also has a series of hiking trails popular for geocaching, an outdoor treasure hunt game where players find caches hidden in nature using coordinates and GPS devices.

Voted the #1 swimming hole in the country by USA Today, Madison Blue Springs is revered as one of the best springs in Florida. It is a truly stunning pool that makes you feel like you are in a remote tropical oasis!

Around 82 feet wide and 25 feet deep, the inviting, crystal clear springs are surrounded by lush scenery made up of hardwoods and pines, making for a perfect day trip for Florida families and explorers alike.

The main springhead is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, paddling, bird watching, and picnicking. Hikers can easily spend all day traversing the statewide Florida trail that winds through the area, with information about the sub-tropical foliage. It is one of the prettiest springs in Ocala and you must visit it!

Pine, oak, and cedar trees surround the quaint, aquamarine waters of Silver Glen Springs, perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing. A variety of freshwater and saltwater fish call this spring home, along with manatees seeking solace from the cold, winter waters of the Saint Johns River.

Hikers traversing the Spring Boils trail will be able to spy many smaller springs bubbling up and feeding into the streams that empty into Lake George. Fishing, with a suitable freshwater license, of course, is permitted downstream of the swimming hole area.

Also located in Ocala National Forest, this beautiful Florida spring is also a notable archeological site! Those with a keen eye will be able to spot a variety of fossilized snail shells embedded in the middens along the shores.

This first magnitude spring in Florida is considered by many to be one of the easiest and most accessible for visitors to explore and enjoy, especially for younger and older explorers. A gradient slow, slope eases swimmers and divers into the cooling, crystalline waters. A smooth, limestone floor releases tiny bubbles up around snorkelers.

Since the Timacuans were known to revere and even repent for their use of the plant life, we urge you to leave nothing but footprints and take nothing but memories when visiting these natural springs in Florida.

The free-flowing springs at Rock Springs at Kelly Park are a bit cooler than their counterparts, usually topping out at a chilly 68 degrees, making this destination perfect for the hottest of Florida summers.

Little River Springs is one of the best springs in northern Florida. Found along the Suwannee River, this 150-foot-long spring is ideal for swimming and snorkeling. The tea-colored water of the river and the bright blue water of the spring create a fascinating waterscape.

This is an awesome Florida spring if you are looking for a thrill. The best way to enter the spring is by jumping or diving in from a platform over the deep section. This spot is 43 feet deep, but if deep water makes you uneasy, there is also a shallow end.

The pretty water is 72 degrees throughout the year and is super refreshing in the summer. You will have so much fun swimming and tubing at one of the best free springs in Florida. There are also picnic tables and a boat ramp.

You can cool down and dive in during the hottest summer days, or canoe with the gentle manatees in the winter. What will always endure is the unique and peaceful adventure you cherish in the most beautiful nature Florida has to offer. We hope you find this Florida springs map helpful when planning your adventure!

To help you plan your upcoming spring manicures, we ask some experts to recommend designs with which you can't go wrong, including the aforementioned trends, French manicures, unexpected color combos, textured accents, and more. Whether you want to glue on a set of press-ons and call it a day, test your patience with abstract squiggles on long, natural nails, or visit your nail tech for some jelly acrylics, our list has something for everyone.

Ceirra Carlini-Smith is behind this sophisticated spring manicure, which features a fun twist on classic French tips. "For this half-yellow French, I used my Leafgel Long Liner Brush to create the vertical line where I wanted the design to cover," says the manicurist. "Then I filled in the space using a short liner brush."

It's no secret that jelly nails are a trend right now, and they're perfect for a spring manicure. "I wanted to create a twist on the trend by creating a monochrome version of it by juxtaposing a jelly pink and a creamy pink to create contrast," Nuñez says. To re-create this look yourself, you can either use a jelly shade (she loves Sinful Colors), a.k.a. a transparent polish with a bit of a color tint, or you can DIY the jelly coat by adding a small drop of color to your topcoat. Nuñez advises DIYers to use her bottle brush technique, where you rotate your finger as the brush glides across the tip of your nails to create a gorgeous French.

Nuñez says that "pairing pastels is perfect for spring," and we couldn't agree more. These classy spring nails will upgrade any beauty look you try. "To take the look to another level, I blended two shades and applied them using a makeup sponge," she added. Her made-in-heaven color combo is OPI's Racing for Pinks and The Pass is Always Greener. After applying the color diagonally, she carved out the sided swoosh by using a clean-up brush and nail polish remover. 041b061a72


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