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Surface Keyboards Best Buy =LINK=

Of course, in addition to the official Surface Pro Type Cover from Microsoft, there are plenty of keyboard accessories from third parties, and those tend to be cheaper. If you're looking for a keyboard to pair with the Surface Pro 7, we've rounded up some of the best options around. Let's take a closer look.

surface keyboards best buy


If you're looking to buy a Surface device today, we can't really recommend the Surface Pro 7 anymore. It's aged quite a bit, with the latest Surface Pro 9 packing newer 12th-generation Intel processors. You can check out the best Surface PCs you can buy today to see some great options. You can also take a look at some of the best Windows tablets if you enjoy that form factor more.

Wireless keyboards can help you declutter your desk, allow you to type more comfortably on your phone or tablet, or let you use a computer or a TV streaming media box from your couch. Desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, smart TVs, and streaming boxes all use Bluetooth, and the best Bluetooth keyboards can switch easily between multiple devices without requiring you to re-pair them.

The comfortable, compact, and inexpensive Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard and K380 for Mac can switch between as many as three paired devices, and multiple Wirecutter staffers have used their K380 keyboards for two years or more without needing to change the batteries. Its round keys take some getting used to, its arrow keys are small, and it lacks backlighting, but despite those flaws the K380 is the best Bluetooth keyboard you can buy, especially at its low price.

The compact K380 has a layout similar to that of most laptop keyboards. It has all the most frequently used keys, including function and media keys along the top and small arrow keys at the bottom right. It lacks a full-size number pad, but this compact layout takes up much less room on your desk than a full-size keyboard, thus allowing you to place your mouse closer to your body. And the K380 is small and light enough to slip in a bag and take with you, unlike a long full-size keyboard or the heavy Logitech K480.

The biggest advantage the K380 has over other Bluetooth keyboards is its lengthy battery life. The K380 runs on two included AAA batteries, and Logitech told us it would last for about two years of heavy use (eight hours of use a day, five days a week). Our test K380 is still going strong after two years of daily work and entertainment, and Wirecutter staffers have had similar experiences with their K380 keyboards.

The Logitech MX Mechanical Mini is a low-profile mechanical keyboard that aims to be a Goldilocks-style middle ground between the MX Keys and a traditional mechanical keyboard. While the MX Mechanical is enjoyable to type on, and we appreciate the variety of tactile, clicky, and linear switch options, its price makes it difficult to recommend. The MX Mechanical Mini costs about $150, around $30 more than the MX Keys Mini and at least $60 more than compact wireless mechanical keyboards like the Keychron K6 or Keychron K2 V2.

Be among the first to nab the 256GB model Surface Pro 8 with Keyboard for $899 (opens in new tab) at Best Buy. That's $450 off its normal price of $1,349 and the cheapest it's ever been. It's also $200 cheaper than the new 256GB Surface Pro 9 (opens in new tab). Hands down, this is one of the best early Black Friday deals we've seen so far. It's also one of the best Black Friday deals going on at Best Buy right now.

Surface Pro 8 w/ Keyboard: $1,349 $899 @ Best Buy (opens in new tab)At $450 off, the Surface Pro 8 with Keyboard at an all-time low black Black Friday price. It's a solid choice if you're looking for the best convertible tablet PC there is. Our favorite 2-in-1 tablet, we gave the Surface Pro 8 and overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars. We love it for its gorgeous display, powerful performance and excellent webcam.

If you've ever been to an office or a lecture hall, you know the sound of dozens of people typing on keyboards can be as loud as a herd of buffalo and just as distracting. Ever since the IBM Model M first clicked its way into offices, keyboards have been the main tool for just about anyone seated in front of a computer. Thankfully, innovations have been made to reduce the noise of keyboards, from the development of silent mechanical switches to the addition of sound-dampening foam inside keyboard cases.

Most of the noise keyboards make comes from the operation of the switches. Mechanical switches are the loudest by far, with scissor switches and rubber dome switches as quieter alternatives. Other factors like construction materials, the size and shape of the keycaps, and how heavily you type also contribute to typing noise.

We've tested over 185 keyboards, and below are our recommendations for the best quiet keyboards available. If you're looking for a keyboard to suit a more specific use, check out our articles for the best keyboards for typing, the best keyboards for programming, and the best gaming keyboards.

If you're looking for the best quiet keyboard for an open office, a shared workspace, or your home, the Logitech MX Keys is the best bet for most people. This stylish full-size board is pretty straightforward, making it nice and easy to use regardless of your tech knowledge. You can simply pop the USB receiver into your computer or pair it using Bluetooth with up to three devices simultaneously and start typing away. As a plus, the flat profile and solid plastic case are great for reducing the typing noise, as the case doesn't have a lot of hollow space to add resonance.

The Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard is the cheapest keyboard on this list. Unlike the Logitech Signature K650, the Microsoft keyboard only connects using Bluetooth and only supports one connection at a time. While this means it isn't a good choice for multi-device setups, it's a great option if you need a low-cost, straightforward keyboard without bells and whistles for use with a single computer or mobile device. It features a similar thin design as our best mid-range pick, the Microsoft Surface Keyboard. However, instead of a solid metal top plate, the top of this keyboard has a soft-touch covering that adds a good amount of grip, which is great as the tile-like keycaps would get fairly slippery otherwise.

Gaming sessions can last well into the night, and the clacking sound of some gaming keyboards is bound to annoy roommates, parents, or anyone else you live with. For the best quiet gaming option, look no further than the Corsair K55 RGB PRO XT. It's a full-size keyboard designed with gaming in mind, so it's fully feature-loaded with RGB backlighting, dedicated macro keys, and a full suite of media controls. Its latency is extremely low and delivers a very responsive in-game experience.

Like the Logitech Craft above, Razer's office-focused Pro Type Ultra isn't cheap. What you do get for your money, however, is one of the best mechanical keyboards around, with silent, linear keyboard switches that won't annoy your colleagues. It's nice and comfortable to type on for long periods of time, and it comes included with a large soft wrist rest, too.

But the best wireless keyboard for you will depend on where and how you plan to use it, and what you plan to do with it. Wireless keyboards come in all sizes, from full-size with extra macro keys to mini 60 percent layouts (or smaller, but we'll just call those macropads), all switch types, and all aesthetics.

Full-size, tenkeyless or smaller? Tenkeyless keyboards nix the numberpad, while 65% models often eliminate navigation keys, and 60% boards also usually cut the arrow keys. While some will want every possible key, others prefer a smaller keyboard that gives them more space on their desk or a smaller size to travel with.

Bluetooth or RF dongle: If you want a wireless keyboard that you can use with smartphones and tablets, opt for a Bluetooth keyboard. Most laptops and many desktops these days also support Bluetooth, so these are good if you want to use your best wireless keyboard with multiple devices as well.

If you're switching back and forth among different computers, Logitech's MX Mechanical is the best wireless keyboard for getting work done. The business-friendly clacker can connect to up to three devices via Bluetooth LE or one of Logitech's Logi Bolt dongles and it has dedicated keys for changing to each (no cryptic key combos needed).

This full-size, 110-key keyboard uses low-profile keys and switches in your choice of Kailh Choc V2 Blue, Red or Brown varieties. We found the shorter travel a boon for typing on both the Blues and Browns we tested. But, as with all low-profile keyboards, the height of the keyboard is too short to use with standard wrist rests (low-profile wrist rests exist though they are fewer and likely less padded). For those who like a smaller keyboard, Logitech makes the MX Mechanical Mini which has 84 keys (no numpad) but is otherwise identical.

Whether you're shopping for one of the best wireless keyboards or a model that didn't quite make the cut, you may find some savings by checking out our lists of the latest Newegg promo codes, Best Buy promo codes, Razer promo codes or Corsair coupon codes. You can also check out our Best Tech and PC Hardware Deals page for daily updates on discounted peripherals and other hardware.

Yes, especially if you want to get a jump on your holiday shopping! Whether you're looking to turn your living room into a home theater or searching for the best tech gifts out there, Best Buy is the place to shop. Plenty of great Cyber Monday deals are still available, but they won't be for long.

Black Friday is one of the best times to save on all your tech essentials, including some of the hottest smartphones on the market! Whether you're an Apple or Android fan, you can find incredible Black Friday phone deals at Best Buy. Look for Black Friday deals now and bookmark this page for even more smartphone savings throughout the holiday shopping season. 041b061a72


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