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Friends of the Navy Seal Foundation

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Dead Island V 1.0.0 Trainerl

Awaking to one of the prisoners, a man named Kevin, he informs them that White gassed them and stole the cure. However, they can still catch him before he makes it to a helicopter on the roof. To speed them up, he also reveals that White plans to nuke the island to wipe out the undead, as well as any survivors with it. Making their way through the highly overrun but faster Prison Hospital, they manage to catch up to White on the roof. After fighting through his soldiers and zombies, they find the colonel on a helipad with his undead wife in tow, who is now completely turned. Keeping them under gunpoint, he tells them that he plans to give the cure to scientists in Australia who can mass produce a vaccine. However, Jin releases the colonels wife who bites him, forcing him to shoot her. In anger, he also shoots Jin who falls off the roof to her death before injecting himself with the vaccine. However, it has the opposite effect and turns him into a mutated monster, forcing the Heroes to battle and finally kill him. Kevin flies them all away in the helicopter towards a naval fleet off shore while a news program plays in the background, reporting on the outbreak on Banoi.

Dead Island V 1.0.0 Trainerl


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