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Marantz Hdmi Board Replacement

The HDMI board replacement is not one that can easily be handled by the average AVR owner. So those who choose to have the upgrade performed will have to go through the bother of either sending in the AVR to a service center or potentially have an engineer visit their home. We will have to wait and see what the final upgrade path offered by Yamaha looks like.

marantz hdmi board replacement


Josh,...these are tricky HDMI problems to trace down. The cables are one possible cause - but you have to experiment to figure out which cable... or no cable and its something else. So before you do the expensive cable replacement approach, try pushing the existing cable on to the top internal upper board edge a few times. Does it seem loose? If that's not loose, it can easily be a cable at the back of the machine that is loose and causing the glitch. Try new cables back there if you have those installed. If you take them all off in the back... does the problem go away on a Reset? Good luck! 041b061a72


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