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Chainsaw Man Devils... [EXCLUSIVE]

The Future Devil's creepy, overly-happy demeanor makes him one of the scariest devils in chainsaw man. Couple his strange appearance with his ability to see how anyone will die, and the Future Devil defines what being a devil is all about.

Chainsaw Man Devils...

As the namesake of the series, the Chainsaw Devil is just as powerful as an anime protagonist should be. Not only does he have complete control of the chainsaws which emerge from his body, but he also can completely erase Devils from the collective memory of humanity by consuming them.

Denji isn't really the scary type in comparison to most devils in Chainsaw Man. However, when he achieves his awakened form as the Chainsaw Devil, Denji becomes a terrifying enemy with four arms all equipped with chainsaws protruding from them and an armored, muscular body that enhances his strength tenfold

Chainsaw Devil, Pochita, embodies the fear of chainsaws. Throughout the story, this Devil is wielded by Denji. Just as the name sounds, this Devil gives its wielder the ability to pop-up chainsaws from his head and limb regions. But when the true form is achieved, the Devil takes over its wielder and becomes the Chainsaw Devil, the strongest Devil known so far.

MakimaMakima is the main antagonist of the manga series Chainsaw Man. She is the leader of the Public Safety Devil Hunter organization who, initially acts as a helpful ally towards the protagonist, Denji, by taking him under her wing. Although, from the beginning, she harbored an ulterior motive of using him only for his power and eventually stealing the chainsaw devil's heart from him. In order to achieve her goals and gain his trust, she formulated a specific plan for Denji to have a happy life, including giving him a found family, food, and shelter. She did this also so that he would be committed to her and want to protect her. 041b061a72


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