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The Wolf Among Us 2

A second yet-to-be-named season was announced during the July 2017 San Diego Comic Con and was originally set to premiere in 2018 for personal computers, consoles, and mobile devices. Both Adam Harrington and Erin Yvette were to return to voice Bigby Wolf and Snow White, respectively.[2] Stauffer said that Season Two would not resolve the apparent cliffhanger related to Nerissa's connection to Faith; he said that it was meant to be ending similar to a film noir work that made the viewer think about the implications, but never saw this themselves as a cliffhanger. Instead, Season 2 would have continued on with more narrative related to Bigby and Snow White.[3]By May 2018, Telltale announced that due to recent internal studio issues, they had to push back the release of the sequel until 2019.[4] In September 2018, Telltale had a majority studio closure due to "insurmountable challenges", cancelling The Wolf Among Us' second season among other projects in development.[5]

The Wolf Among Us 2

The game was originally cancelled as Telltale had a majority studio closure in September 2018 due to "insurmountable challenges", cancelling The Wolf Among Us' second season among other projects in development, such as the untitled Stranger Things series and the planned second season to Game of Thrones.[1]

The trailer that revealed the existence of the resurrected The Wolf Among Us 2 is just a 47 second teaser, but it still managed to get fans hyped. The moody, neon-lit noir style that made a name for the original game brought back fond memories. Narrated by the familiar voice of Snow White, she asks Bigby to become the big bad wolf once more ... for them ... for her. Can she count on him?

The trailer follows Bigby as he discusses his tactics as a private investigator to a support group and confronts some magical criminals, including the Scarecrow and Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz. His opponents get the upper hand, but Bigby becomes a werewolf to fight back.

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There were a number of big-name Fables in the first game, including Jack, Beauty, Beast, Snow White, and of course, the big bad wolf. However, even the slightly lesser-known Fables like Bloody Mary, the Tweedles, Ichabod Crane, and Grendel were given time to shine and add plenty of variety and personality to the story as a whole. 041b061a72


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