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Where To Buy Grovia Mighty Bubbles ##TOP##

Hi there, I just read your instructions for stripping cloth diapers but I was unclear of the instructions for stripping in soft water. You said to do a hot wash with no detergent or additives. Do you mean just mighty bubbles or rlr but nothing else, or just got water and absolutely nothing? (I have an HE front loader). I have a horrible smell build up in my cloth diapers and I did a bleach soak for too long and they smell worse than they did before. I am hoping a strip followed by a short bleach soak will help. Thanks!

where to buy grovia mighty bubbles


Yes you can still use the mighty bubbles. If you have softer water you may just have to do an extra hot wash afterwards to get rid of the suds. It should be done on clean diapers and no more than 24 per load. If you are adding laundry detergent to each insert and then also when you are washing you might be using too much detergent. Have you tried dropping the detergent from the soiled inserts when you store them? 041b061a72


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