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How Lyft Rider App Can Save You Time and Money on Your Next Trip

Free to download to Android phones, this app uses your location puts you in touch with Lyft drivers in your area. Accept the fare and you'll be picked up in moments, saving you the hassle of waiting around for a dispatched car from the other side of town to find you.

download lyft rider app

The perfect option if you're with friends, the Lyft - Taxi & Bus Alternative app lets you pay safely and securely online through the app, meaning you don't have to go hunting for loose change to make up a fare. If you're splitting a cab with friends, you can split the bill easily, providing everyone in your party has the Lyft app downloaded to their phone. Great for saving money on premium rides, you'll get only the best service when you book a ride with Lyft.

For emergency assistance, riders can reach 911 directly from the Lyft app. It will prominently display your current location and vehicle information, including the license plate. This makes it easy for you to inform dispatchers if needed.

Emergency Help, supported by ADT, is available for all Lyft riders nationwide. With Emergency Help, if a rider ever feels uncomfortable or unsafe, they are able to immediately connect with an ADT security professional silently or by voice for real-time help 24/7.

The easiest way to access discounted rides through UGA Ride Smart is by downloading the Lyft app and creating an account with your UGA email or linking your UGA email to your existing account. For more information on how to edit your existing Lyft account, click here.

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Students are encouraged to utilize capacity limitations for Standard Lyft rides (up to 3 riders) and Lyft XL rides (up to 5 riders) to travel in groups. This improves rider safety and helps maximize the number of times students can take advantage of this program.

Lyft Ride Smart at Ohio State offers eligible students discounted rides, inside the university-designated service area, from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. Ohio State will contribute $6.50, per ride, and the remainder will be paid by the rider.

Eligible students will receive an opt-in email from Lyft. Ohio State will contribute $6.50, per ride, and the remainder will be paid by the rider. Prices may be impacted by distance, traffic, time of day, special events and prime time rates.

Among Lyft riders, 16% identify as members of the LGBT+ community. The share of Lyft passengers in the LGBT+ community is 3.55x higher than the estimated national average (4.5%).

The median household income of Lyft riders in the US is $54,000. Canadian Lyft riders have a slightly lower average household income, at approximately $51,318 ($64,000 in CAD).

Transit app: To help you get acquainted with riding a bus, we recommend you download the Transit app. The app tracks all DCTA buses and will show you in real time the location of the bus on the route you want to take. We also recommend you sign up for Rider Alerts, so that you receive a text message or email if the route you take is experiencing an issue.

Our dispatcher will ask for your first and last name, a contact phone number, number of riders, pick up location and drop off destination. E-ride service is only between destinations on the main campus.

Rides to and from designated Workforce Zones and Transit Stops range from $12 to $15. The rider pays the first $2 and the City of Coppell will pay up to the next $15. Anything over $17 will be covered by the rider. Any incidental damage caused by the passenger will be charged to the passenger's card

Once you're all set up, enter your pick-up and drop-off location. Then, request a ride with a single tap. The app will match you with a nearby driver from Lyft's network of drivers. That driver will then pick you up at your desired pick-up location and drop you off at your desired destination. The app will provide details about the driver, his or her car and his ETA so that you know exactly who to expect and when. Because Lyft charges your stored card at the end of each ride, there's no need for riders or drivers to carry cash or fuss with coins.

Lyft, as it exists today, depends on a fleet of paid part- or full-time drivers to transport riders to and from their destinations. If you're interested in setting your own hours and earning extra money as a driver for Lyft, head to the Lyft website and click "Driver." Enter your cell phone, and then click "Apply to Drive." The website will take you through a series of prompts to determine your eligibility. Lyft driver and car requirements include, but are not limited, to:

The biggest incentive for using Gett while traveling abroad, however, is pricing. The service never charges a premium during busy hours and pays drivers a competitive hourly wage rather than a percentage of every fare, like Uber and Lyft. The company then passes those savings on to riders.

The app is simple enough to use, allowing you to create a schedule for your daily commutes and then use an algorithm to match you with the most suitable carpool. It lets you use the app as a rider or driver, while also providing a means for sharing the costs of travel. Helpfully, it also includes a rating system for users, so that you can have a little more information on people before deciding to pool with them.

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Lyft announces material information to the public about Lyft, its products and services and other matters through a variety of means, including filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, press releases, public conference calls, webcasts, the investor relations section of its website (, its Twitter accounts (@lyft, @Lyft_Comms, @johnzimmer and @logangreen), and its blogs (including:,, and in order to achieve broad, non-exclusionary distribution of information to the public and for complying with its disclosure obligations under Regulation FD.

Lyft defines Active Riders as all riders who take at least one ride during a quarter where the Lyft Platform processes the transaction. An Active Rider is identified by a unique phone number. If a rider has two mobile phone numbers or changed their phone number and such rider took rides using both phone numbers during the quarter, that person would count as two Active Riders. If a rider has a personal and business profile tied to the same mobile phone number, that person would be considered a single Active Rider. If a ride has been requested by an organization using our Concierge offering for the benefit of a rider, we exclude this rider in the calculation of Active Riders, unless the ride is accessible in the Lyft App.

This means riders are able to easily control their ride without assistance from a driver. The enhanced experience includes unlocking the doors through the Lyft app and starting the ride or contacting customer support from the new in-car Lyft AV app, an intuitive in-ride display tailored to autonomous ridesharing. The features are backed by extensive research and feedback from real riders to maximize their comfort and ease of use. Motional and Lyft are making the new user features available to the public now in preparation for when the service plans to be fully driverless next year.

In 2018, Motional and Lyft pioneered a partnership between the AV and ridesharing industries with the launch of their public service in Las Vegas. The service has since become the model for deploying autonomous vehicles on rideshare networks, and has introduced over 100,000 Lyft riders to autonomous technology. The service has been overwhelmingly popular with riders, with over 95% leaving five-star reviews and many going on to become repeat riders.

The free, 90-minute workshops were held this fall in Fort Worth, Texas, and Indianapolis, Ind., where participants got a hands-on introduction to ride-hailing, including downloading and learning how to set up the apps.

The first thing to know: What, exactly, is ride-hailing? Ride-hailing, also called ride-sourcing or ride-sharing, is a way for people to request rides to and from the location of their choice, using a smartphone app. Users download the app, create a profile and securely add their payment information. To request a ride, simply enter your pickup location and destination. Once you're matched with a driver, you'll get to see their name, car information and location, which makes identifying your ride easy.

The updated app puts mobility options front and center, and makes it easier for riders to make informed decisions about how to get from point A to point B quickly, affordably, and sustainably. The Transit feature allows riders to see upcoming departures nearby for RTC transit routes. Riders can easily see transit lines and approaching vehicles on the map or they can easily enter a destination for a complete itinerary from start to finish.

Passengers without smartphones can book their Lyft trips through the GoTriangle Information Center directly at 919-485-7433. By providing a phone number or an email address, riders give GoTriangle permission to use this personal information to provide trips.


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