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Best Place To Buy Fruit Trays

Next, you need to decide if you want to use a store purchased platter (discount, or "dollar stores" often sell the disposable plastic trays with clear, raised lids), or your own plastic tray with ready-made compartments for the different fruits, or a more elegant, ceramic fruit platter.

best place to buy fruit trays

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Tip: Lightly sprinkle lemon juice, or "fruit fresh" over the sliced apples, bananas, peaches and pears, before adding them to the tray to slow down the browning process. Many people avoid using these types of fruit because of their tendency to brown. You will be the best judge of the choices you make for the fruit selection for the fruit tray you will create.

You can also use some of the discarded parts of the cut-up fruit. For example, you can put the leaves of the pineapple in the center, or hollow out the bottom of a pineapple or a melon, and fill it with blueberries or nuts. If you are preparing multiple fruit platters, I suggest that you use the same focal point for all of the trays.

It sounds easy enough to make, and it is, however, with a few tricks you can make sure it lasts, looks delicious and the fresh fruit stays at its best.

Every fruit platter should have a creamy fruit dip served with it. We have the best recipe for a refreshing yogurt fruit dip that goes with every type of fruit. This dip is creamy and a healthier version of most fruit dip recipes.

More than 200 people agree with Reddit user/Costco member @excuse_meh, who doesn't buy the fruit trays for a few reasons. They claim that the mangos are allegedly "never" ripe, and the trays are "certainly not worth the price." Another user added that customers have no way of knowing when the fruit was cut or how long it has been sitting out. 041b061a72


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