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Free Download Drift Videos: Watch the Best Car Drifting Action in High Quality

You know, I've been going to race tracks all my life, but I've never, ever seen anything like Ebisu Circuit. Set into the hills of the Fukushima District in Japan, it's a series of 8 tracks, each specifically designed for drifting. What a thought!

What is even more amazing to me, is the automotive culture that surrounds the track complex. On any given weekend you'll find scores of street drift cars on the various circuits; people travel from all over the country to practice their drifting skills, sometimes several times per month.

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Best video i've seen on here period. Music, editing, the drifting. What is the deal with all those trashed cars at the end of the video? Are all those cars abandoned by the owners? Still driveable? More videos like this one please!!

Guys, you just keep on Impressing the hell out of me. True quality, nice to see some video of grass roots drifting with out a bunch of flash. You guys got your shit straight. wicked job keep it going. I look forward to the notices for the next one.

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i've heard that the trashed cars at the end are used for parts. in case someone has a smash and didn't bring spare parts. although u do have to pay for them.nice drifting would be good to see more drifting.I.E two brothers with blue 180's at nikko geting some insane angle.

Honestly this video has beendownloaded by me and 17 of my friends who all drift to. One thing we keep saying is why can't America pick this concept up. Anyway i need to know the name of that song. And another note is that this vid has been playing on loop since yesterday, i fell asleep watching it last night. I love it!

Since out last update we have added four new videos to the collection that all focus on topics that may come relatively early in the semester (Figure 1). In Defining Geology we discuss what we mean when we talk about geology and explain how people interact with geology in their daily lives. The Earth System video describes the four main components of the Earth system (atmosphere, biosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere), how matter is exchanged between the components, and how a change in one part of the system will result in changes in other system components. The video on the 8 Reasons for Complex Life on Earth describes an array of circumstances that make it possible for complex beings like us to live on this planet. While some of the reasons for life on Earth may be obvious to our students, others may be surprising. All of these natural factors line up just right to put us in the right location in space, generate a diversity of physical environments, and provide the mix of air and water we need for survival. Finally, the Continental Drift video describes the evidence that Alfred Wegener used to formulate his continental drift hypothesis and examines why this idea did not gain wide acceptance when it was originally proposed. We had a little help with this one, as we were able to incorporate a great animation of the breakup of Pangaea from our colleagues at

This video describes the evidence Alfred Wegener used to formulate his continental drift hypothesis and examines why this idea did not gain wide acceptance when it was originally proposed. Wegener pursued four lines of evidence to support continental drift and the existence of the supercontinent, Pangaea. His evidence included the fit of the continents, matching features between now separated land masses, reconstructions of past climates, and the distribution of several fossil species.

One of the goal was to experiment with the car handling, something arcade but that would feel dynamic. I wanted also to be a two button gameplay, you don't have to hold a direction to turn. If you press a button the car will start to turn 90 degrees. It was inspired by the Die Hard game on PS1 where you could just do 90 degrees drifts to take corners.

No right now the videos are purely random. My original idea would be to have videos with some meta data, to compile the videos that fit the impact (speed, drift, collision type etc.) and to pick a random one in the list.Now I am not sure it is worth the effort. The video is there to sell the impact and the randomness is kind of fun. It also feel very special when the video matches perfectly what you did.

This animated short video celebrates the early 20th-century German astronomer and atmospheric scientist Alfred Wegener, who first proposed that continents once formed a single landmass and had drifted apart.

After shooting a video via iPhone Camera app, users can notice clearly dropped frames and out of sync sound. It's disappointing that the sound of the recording on iPhone plays ahead of or slower than the image, no matter you play it in the Camera app, Photos app or download the footage to Mac/PC. It could happen to videos at 720p, 1080p, or 4K UHD.

When using apps to watch YouTube, Instagram, Netflix, HBO, Epix, or other streaming videos on iPhone, some of you may experience picture and sound sync problems. Except the frozen images, out-of-sync audio and restarting errors caused by reasons like Google bugs, networks can be the main culprit. The most effective fix is to download the videos directly on your iPhone.

Manual Drift Correction plugin allows to correct drift in an image sequence by using a few landmarks (Rois) gathered in the Roi Manager. The main interest of the plugin is that it avoid tedious annotation of the image by interpolating between key landmarks. Thus rather than providing input for each image of the sequence, the user only need to provide landmark when significant changes occure.

Distortion drift, including intra-frame and inter-frame, is a big problem of data hiding in 3D video streams. With the analysis of the coding structure of MVC videos, we propose a new data hiding algorithm without inter-frame and intra-frame distortion drift. Firstly, an ideal that modify the 44 QDCT coefficients of the inter-MBs except the rightmost column and the bottom row is proposed, and it can completely prevent intra-frame distortion drift. Then, we point out that hiding data into b4-frames can completely prevent inter-frame distortion drift. The algorithm has lower complexity and a greater embedding capacity than the current algorithms. Experimental results confirm the embedding capacity and complexity superiority of the proposed algorithm while keeping the similar human visual effect.

This disturbing drift has undermined the promise of body camera programs in two ways: first, police control erodes accountability. Police control the videos themselves and resist disclosure, making it impossible for communities to hold them accountable for misconduct.

NEW! PLAYSTATION VRCAN I WATCH VR VIDEOS ON SONY'S VR BROWSER?No, you will need to download the VR videos first from Pornhub on a web browser and load the videos on a usb to play on Sony's VR media player.

OCULUS RIFTHOW DO I WATCH VR VIDEOS ON MY OCULUS RIFT?Download and install the free Pornhub VR Player (powered by BaDoinkVR) on your PC. Navigate to any VR video and click the download VR video button under the video. Drag the downloaded video into the VR Player. Put on your headset and begin watching. If the video does not display properly, cycle through the modes by pressing 1, 2, 3, or 4 on your keyboard.

Update for Samsung "drift" problem: To correct a Samsung phone "drift" or "drifting" in VR, a simple fix is to reset the gyroscope. In the phone app, dial *#0*#. In the following menu, select the sensor button. Scroll a bit and you will find the gyroscope. Run both self tests. To go back a screen in this menu, triple tap the back button. After the tests complete, the drift should be fixed!

HTC VIVEHOW DO I WATCH VR VIDEOS ON MY HTC VIVE?Navigate to any VR video and click the download VR video button under the video. Purchase the Virtual Desktop app on the Steam store. Open Virtual Desktop in the HTC Vive and in the settings window, under the Videos tab, browse and open your downloaded VR video. Select either Top/Under for 360 or side-by-side for 180 videos. If it still doesn't look right then change the other setting options. Enjoy!


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