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He, by whose writings the heart is rectified, the appetites counteracted,and the passions repressed, may be considered as not unprofitable to thegreat republick of humanity, even though his behaviour should not alwaysexemplify his rules. His instructions may diffuse their influence toregions, in which it will not be inquired, whether the author be albusan ater, good or bad; to times, when all his faults and all his folliesshall be lost in forgetfulness, among things of no concern or importanceto the world; and he may kindle in thousands and ten thousands that flamewhich burnt but dimly in himself, through the fumes of passion, or thedamps of cowardice. The vicious moralist may be considered as a taper,by which we are lighted through the labyrinth of complicated passions:he extends his radiance further than his heat, and guides all that arewithin view, but burns only those who make too near approaches.

Download Vicious Kitten Sarah epub



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