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Growtopia Private Server APK: The Ultimate Experience on GTVF

So that got me wondering, do growtopia private servers exist? Of course I wouldn't advise on joining any or really anything like that, since you never know how dangerous this stuff can be, I don't really know either.

private server growtopia apk

Many games i used to play (like club penguin or fer,al) got private servers made after shutting down. So i got curious and looked it up, and it seems like they do exist for gt.. And one in particular seems pretty big, but i wont name it here because the post might get removed. And I wouldn't really recommend looking for it either, it seems sort of shady. I checked their discord server and it has about 33k people in it, only 1000 active at the moment of writing this, with the offline members list hidden. They also seem to sell mod powers for real gt wls.

All that you really have to do to join this sort of place is edit a specific file replacing an IP address it seems, (again probably not a good idea though!!) no really complicated stuff, (on pc at least) so that makes me wonder: Do people even know about this?? How dangerous could something like this even be? For a 33k people discord server it seems to be fairly unpopular among the general gt playerbase, unless it's all just bots, because ive never seen anyone even talk about this

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