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Best Place To Buy Belly Button Rings

However, infections in outie belly button piercings can travel to your internal organs and become extremely dangerous. Most reputable piercers will not take this risk. In case you're unsure of which type of belly button you have going on, here's what an outie looks like:

best place to buy belly button rings

Even if you believe that your belly button is the ideal candidate for a snazzy new piece of jewelry, you should know that some health risks come hand-in-hand with getting this type of body piercing. These risks include:

One downside to belly button piercings is that they do take significantly longer than other piercings to heal. While ear piercings typically heal in 6 to 8 weeks, a belly button piercing is usually not fully healed for six months to a year (which is why many people suggest getting your piercing in the winter so you can show off the fully healed final product come beach season).

If you think you have an infection, first of all, contrary to what you might think, you should leave the jewelry in your belly button. Taking it out could cause further complications, including the formation of abscesses in the area. Use the same cleaning procedure detailed in the previous section, but soak the piercing for ten minutes in the saline solution. You may be able to rub a small bit of antibacterial cream around the piercing to soothe the infection, but use it sparingly.

Navel piercing was long gone and people hardly came across anyone who had lately pieced their belly buttons in the last two decades. But, not any more. Belly button rings are back, and this time with a twist.

This stunning belly button ring is the best accessory for a perfectly toned belly. Featuring clear CZ crystals, these belly button rings enhance the beauty of your chiseled belly with their stunning design. And, the best part, this stunning piece is available in two different patterns, a rose god and a silver.

This is another beautiful design that features a dangle design along with marvelous clear CZ crystals. This is a fan favorite design which is considered among the best designed belly button rings. Moreover, it is also available in three different colors, rose gold, silver and gold.

A cost-effective, yet stunning design, what else can be a better pick than such a pretty belly button ring? Featuring a beautiful floral design, accompanied with perfectly carved crystals. This is a pretty small design which is an instant favorite of any jewelry lover. Available in two colors, rose gold and silver, this design will just cost you a mere $8.99.

Have a thing for lotus? This you would definitely not wish to miss this beautiful belly button ring out. Yes, this belly button ring with a stunning dangling design is designed in the shape of a lotus. Not just that, its beauty is enhanced by amazing clear crystals that make it a perfect pick for you. And, the best part, it costs just a mere $8.99.

This is probably the most unique design in our list. Yes, this amazing belly button ring features a fox along with a round shaped stone. It is a one-of-a-kind design and you might not find it in every online jewelry store. Also, this design comes to you with a surprise. Yes, this beautiful design is available in a discounted price for just $7.99.

Made with surgical steel, this spectacular belly button ring is the best pick for them who have a thing for linear designs. Studded with stunning CZ crystals, it will definitely enhance the beauty of your belly. Also, with this design, you get to choose between a couple of different colors which are rose gold and silver. Why not give it a try?

We have been selling belly rings worldwide for over 14 years with a high focus on quality navel jewellery and attentive customer service. We add new belly rings daily, and we give you the flexibility to design your own navel jewellery. The worlds BIGGEST collection of belly bars!

Our belly button rings are made from solid 14k gold. Our gold is nickel-free, as nickel is generally the metal that people with metal allergies react to. The reason we choose gold, platinum, or titanium as our metals of preference for your belly piercing is that these materials are more pure and tend to have fewer additives that your body can react to.

A belly button piercing is when you have a ring or other ornament through the skin around your belly button. If you want to get a belly button piercing, keep in mind that it only takes a few minutes to get it done, but it can take up to a year to heal. During that time -- as well as after -- you'll need to take extra care of this area.

Unlike pierced ears, which take 4-6 weeks to heal, your belly button may not fully heal for up to 1 year. You'll go home with tips on how to keep your new piercing clean and prevent infection.

It can take anywhere from nine months to a year for a belly button piercing to fully heal. This is because of the constant movement associated with the location. Keeping the area as bacteria-free as possible is essential to healing.

Cherry Diva stocks a huge range of body jewellery for every piercing imaginable! We stock belly button rings, cartilage studs, daith hoops, nose studs, nose rings, nipple rings, industrial barbells and more - we ship from the UK and offer worldwide shipping options!

The belly button has folds of skin that provide a place for bacteria to grow. Most of these bacteria remain at a low level and will not cause a smell. But if bacteria become too dense, they may result in an unpleasant or offensive smell.

Using warm water and mild soap, use a washcloth to gently clean around and just inside the belly button. Rinse with clean, warm water and dry with a towel to make sure that all water has been removed from the belly button.

Showering or bathing regularly can help to prevent skin problems and odor. Areas of the body, such as the belly button or feet, can get missed, but these need as much regular cleaning as other areas of the body.

Washing the belly button should solve the problem of a bad smell if this is due to a buildup of dirt and germs. Remembering to keep the belly button clean, and drying it thoroughly after washing, should lead to a belly button that smells better.

Navel piercings have long been a ubiquitous symbol of sex appeal and youth, especially during MTV's TRL era of the early aughts; belly button rings were everywhere, and the accompanying shimmering hardware was displayed proudly. Fast forward almost 20 years, and many of those teens with belly button piercings have become parents.

Santa Monica-based board-certified plastic surgeon and president of the California Society of Plastic Surgeons, Steven Teitelbaum, has been performing "mommy makeovers," including belly button piercing procedures, for nearly 25 years, well before it was an established practice with an ill-advised moniker.

As for when to have your navel piercing removed, it varies from person to person, according to Castillo. "It really, really just depends on how fast your body's changing, because your belly button is going to keep stretching, so it just depends on the person. But I always tell people to keep an eye on their belly button and always keep in touch with their doctor. Don't be afraid to ask, 'Is this starting to look bad?' and then taking action from there."

Although it's not medically unsafe to keep a navel piercing throughout the pregnancy, all body jewelry is not created equal, especially when it comes to pregnancy outies. Soon-to-be-parents who choose to keep their piercing intact for nine months may find their pre-pregnancy jewelry uncomfortable, especially if their belly button pops.

Although bodies react to stressors differently, the scar tissue created by a piercing is not going to stretch uniformly, or even the same way your regular skin stretches, says New York City board-certified plastic surgeon Melissa Doft, which means that the belly button area is going to look visibly incongruent compared to the body's natural skin texture.

Regardless of which procedure you opt for, the popularity of the so-called "mommy makeovers" continues to soar (Teitelbaum says that the post-pregnancy patient is his "most common patient"), meaning that the skill and technology involving procedures for the stomach and belly button are safer and more effective to patients' desired results than ever before.

There is a world of difference between a newly pierced belly button and one that has fully healed. If you got your navel pierced within a month of pregnancy, it is still considered to be in healing mode, so be on the lookout for unusual or noticeable redness and puffiness, but even better, take the piercing out altogether to minimize the risk of infection.

Of course, as your stomach starts to jut out and your skin gets increasingly taut, you may find that the jewelry becomes too uncomfortable to wear. Watch for redness in the skin surrounding your piercing, which probably means that it's too tight. Your belly ring might also start to rub against your clothing and even get caught, which can hurt, especially if your belly button "pops" later in pregnancy.

As for getting your belly button or anything else pierced during pregnancy, it's better to hold off until after delivery. It's not a good idea to puncture the skin when you're expecting, since doing so ups the odds of an avoidable infection. Remember: Changes to your immune system during pregnancy can put you and your baby at higher risk of infections. Continue Reading Below Read This Next Itchy Belly During Pregnancy Tattoos During Pregnancy Skin Changes During Pregnancy Itchy Belly During Pregnancy Tattoos During Pregnancy Skin Changes During Pregnancy

Because of that heightened risk, if you recently got your belly button pierced before you found out you were expecting, it's probably best to take the ring out if the area hasn't healed yet (for example, it's still red) and re-do it after baby's arrival. 041b061a72


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