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[S3E12] No Tomorrow

The carnival crew drags in the drop pod and inform that they're gifting it to the town. Sten thanks them, dismantling it for parts could prove very valuable. Going to have to check with the council tomorrow what they want to do. Two of the clowns are heading back to the city, leaving the toad looking one named "Crunch" behind to stay with Torok. Once they leave Reeza, tell of them looking for someone with a blue armor with a scar over his eye. They wanted him turned in alive to "turn him into smiley", whatever that means.

[S3E12] No Tomorrow

At the Service Club Room, Hachiman and Yukino discuss the challenges for the joint prom. Hachiman is reluctant to ask Yui for help but Yukino plans to talk to her soon. For the venue, since the prom involves multiple schools, they look into Inagi Seaside Park if its a viable location and they decide to inspect it personally tomorrow which is also a holiday.

At the Service Club Room, Hachiman and Yukino are finishing up the paper work from the joint prom. Yukino invites Hachiman to come over for dinner tomorrow in her home at her mother's request. Hachiman tries decline but Yukino nonchalantly tells him the schedule of everyone he knows effectively shooting down every excuse he can think of. Komachi then enters the room and asks to join the club. Yukino welcomes her and Hachiman tells her the club doesn't exist anymore and are not recruiting members. Then Iroha also enters the room while catching her breath and presents them with an approved club application for the Service Club with Komachi as president and Hachiman and Yukino are members. Hachiman and Yukino are surprised by this and soon Yui also enters the room for a request. Yukino welcomes her and prepares tea. As the reformed Service Club prepares for its first request, Hachiman thought to himself "My Teen Romantic Comedy is Wrong, as I Expected." 041b061a72


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