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UPDATED Download My First Love [Episode 11] В SOCIGAMES

Okay, first I want to say that the story is great, love the character developement and really made me laugh in varying spots. K7 have you ever heard of a game called 14 years later, if not you should check it out because it is ripping off this story, The one issue I have is that sometimes it doesnt feel like the decisions that are made seem to matter. As an example I didnt want a relationship with Dianna but all of the sudden I am now meeting her and saying the ball is in her court. Seems odd, would have preferreed that didnt happen. Anyway, great game and looki ng forward to more.

Download My First Love [Episode 11] В» SOCIGAMES


I started playing thinking it was gonna be a joke but holy sh*t, I played once normally then went back to see one of the scenes again and ended up playing it again but tried to get all the good scenes, I was p*ssed the first time I saw the end credits because I was so attached at that point, I loved seeing what one choice would do and if the other choices were better, was amazingIn the closeup scenes you can see the skin cells! like god damn and the modelling is amazingPS: the text to speech voice is so bad please make it stop saying names and also surely you can get female voices :)Anyway great game left me hooked and now I'm trying Once In A Lifetime which I hear is just as good, didn't think I would ever enjoy picture narratives, especially a NSFW one

It seems like a good game, but I'm stuck in a loop shortly after the first visit to the psychologist ... after the scene where you can grab the ropes and the tape in the garage, from there I can't go any further, the only ones scenes that I have are repeated, the scene of Jason's mother taking the pills in the living room, the scene of Jason and Jason's mother in the mother's bedroom and some scenes in the bathroom, which appear with errors, I don't know if I downloaded the file wrong or I'm missing something

This is my first non erotic VN that I read and I gotta say, this is So good.. I REALLY love the story and the characters. It just sucked me in. The music and sounds are nice. I just love it. Small thing I would change is: in few choices like where someone asks do you like her, I'd like an 'i don't know' choice. Because I wanted to choose what I would of said myself if I was in the MCs place (did it make sense?). 041b061a72


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