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Where To Buy Snow Monkey Ice Cream

Unless you've been hiding under a rock (or somewhere very, very far away from the frozen section of the grocery store), you're well aware that the healthy ice cream market has exploded over the past year. With high-protein treats and dairy-free delights, there's a frosty confection for pretty much everyone, regardless of dietary restrictions.

where to buy snow monkey ice cream

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Here you can find plenty of Japanese sweets and pickled vegetables, but also things like key rings and phone straps.A spacious dining hall offers Japanese curry, noodles and delicious ice-cream made from local Obuse milk.Next to the building is a beautiful park where you can take a stroll.The Obuse Highway museum is also closeby.

I gleaned a few things as well. Seeing another culture through my 12-year-old's eyes had its own revelations: temples and shrines that fascinated me could be taken or left; snow monkeys, on the other hand, were incredible. And ice cream is universal. 041b061a72


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